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  • Real time visitor data

  • Traffic data - visits, page views, bounce rate, referral sites and more.

  • Ecommerce data - sales, orders, conversion, average order size and more

Key insights on your site traffic

Google Analytics can help you gain key insights into your site traffic and performance reports. By learning what draws visitors to your site, how they navigate your site and where they bounce, what leads to conversions, and what causes shopping cart abandonment, you can make changes to your site and marketing campaigns to help increase sales and revenue.

Deeper integration with Yahoo Platforms

With Google Analytics now you can accurately track checkout data! Our new implementation accounts for store and checkout domains being different, and ensures that conversion data is reported accurately despite the domain cross-over during order placement. This will be reflected in the Sales Performance and Transaction reports.

Enhanced version of Analytics

You can also use the Enhanced version of Ecommerce reporting which will include rich click stream data, shopping funnel data to evaluate and drive more customers to your site. Please also take note of the Privacy section in Google Analytics' Terms of Service.

To learn how to enable Google Analytics tracking for your site, please see our Getting Started help section.